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I had an audacious dream. To work from home somewhere amazing, far from the city, and bring up a family there. I thank my lucky stars that today that’s what I do. But it wasn’t all luck. I also had a secret weapon.

Now I have a dream to publish a book and help others discover the curious trick of using a daily buddy call to support the goals or new habits they’d like to be part of their life.

And so this blog, about using support to achieve audacious goals, here on a Swedish island, where I make dawn buddy calls to Jan-Erik in the far north.

It’s also where I’ll gather and post interviews with friends who’ve used buddy calls to create their own extraordinary results.


Tim Lloyd Wright is a journalist and works managing a team of energy market reporters from his island home one mile off the coast of western Sweden for the business intelligence group IHS Markit. This blog and book are personal initiatives.

Apart from pioneering a form of extreme working from home, Tim has for 24 years supplemented his meagre reserves of self-discipline by working on goals and new habits with the support of daily buddy calls.

It’s what helped him run every day for two years, do one additional press-up each day for 201 days, write a screenplay in 30 minutes a day and now a book in 10 minutes a day. And it’s how he made the journey from desk-bound reporter with a monster commute to the fisherman’s house on the hill on the island.

Tim used the methods in the book The Power of Audience to create a forerunner social network in 2001 dedicated to supporting its members to grow personally and professionally using daily support.

Tim has three children and is married to documentary film-maker, Mia Wright.

Subject to a 17-minute ferry crossing, Tim gives talks on how people with a goal should ideally become two people with two goals.

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