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Buddy Boot Camp

Welcome to Buddy Boot Camp where you can get started right away in adding smart support to your goals or good habits.

Support matters when you set out to achieve a new goal or install a new habit because it makes it real. Consider that less than 10% of people report that they achieved their new year’s resolutions this year. That leaves their goal in their heads. Buddy support and the book The Power of Audience is about getting out of your head and getting the real juice of personal growth – the results.

Working in a buddy pair on something that matters to you can be challenging, that’s for sure, but by making small commitments each day and then setting out to stick to them no matter what, you’ll see yourself make remarkable strides.

Buddy Boot Camp won’t just get you on track. Daily commitment, with follow through and support, IS the track.

A complete starter kit in bite-size portions

YOU CAN DIVE in deeper in the book, The Power of Audience, but boot camp comes in bite-size portions to your email account.

It includes a buddy contract as a download. Press print and you get a page of introduction and two copies of the contract. One for each of you.

If you find you’ve thought of someone who might make a great buddy, then this is something you can have in your hand when you meet. You’ll see that it has a term, like good contracts do – a start and and end date. It sets a a few basic standards to strive for, and it invites you to list a goal and an agreement.

So, fill it out and get started, right? Well, actually no. Do talk through it, but then set a time for your first call and get going. You can complete your buddy contract over the first week or two. And if you’re finding it hard to nail your goal or agreement down, remember you can scribble small changes on your contract any time you want. Only one part should stay clear until the end, and that’s the question marked ‘on completion’. That’s for you to answer at the end of the term as you evaluate how it all went.


This free five-day course and buddy contract is free when you enrol below. It contains what you need to get your buddying off to a flying start.
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