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Tim Lloyd Wright

Remember that daily agreement I made to put down the mobile phone and listen?

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Come on, come on!

It’s the agreement that just keeps on giving – I mentioned it back in April, and I’ve done it daily since then: It is to conscioulsy listen to a family member. I’m still having great adventures with it.

Two days ago there was one of those crazy July monsoon downpours and I knew there would be a rainbow the way the evening sun was coming through as it let up, so I sent Ella to the window.

She came back: “Pappa, a rainbow…”

And then. Well then it was another great time to have a  daily agreement to consciously listen to a family member three times a day, which I generally measure by the question, do I do what they request.

“Can we go to the end of the rainbow to get the treasure,” she asked, urgently.

“Yes, of course,” I said. “Immediately dropping everything.” (I’m getting the hang of this now).

Where the rainbow came to rest

There followed a half-mile jog towards a constantly receding rainbow with a five-year-old running ahead with her young brow furrowed in superhero determination. And then we ran out of island. You can’t run much more than half a mile in a straight line from any fairly central point here.

But getting to the end of the shining wooden jetty did have the effect of the rainbow coming to rest on a small skerry in the middle distance. This, slightly oddly, meant we sort of found the end of the rainbow. And now we know where to dig.

Which is kind of fun because even when Thalia was small we would sometimes go out to small nearby islands digging for treasure with a chest which we would surrepticiously bury while she wasn’t looking. And now we’re going to do that again with Ella. And we know just which island we’re going to.


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