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Tim Lloyd Wright

Sandy Nuttgens Interview Part 1: From band member with a dream to top of TV music trade using buddy support

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Big dreams, small steps, daily buddy calls for support. That’s the recipe I recommend here at the blog and in the book The Power of Audience. Well, if this were a cookery show, it’d be time to pull out the dish we’d prepared earlier, and in today’s interviewee we almost can. Sandy Nuttgens started on his journey of small daily agreements and daily buddy support more than two decades ago. Then he was a bass player in a band with no formal training in music and a dream

template of Sandy's tasksheet
Click graphic to download the word template of Sandy’s Support Sheet, the tasksheet he talks about in the interview

to write music for television. Today Sandy is one of the top tv music composers in his field of childrens tv and documentary themes.

In this interview in three parts, Sandy talks about the difference that support makes to the way he delivers to customers, the goals he sets and the skills he must continually acquire to win customers like Dreamworks.

We hear of the task sheet he uses to plan and follow through no matter what on the difficult calls that usually lie between a goal and a breakthrough.

And he speaks about his long-held goal as a self-employed composer to have set up the next piece of commissioned work before the current one is finished. He certainly checked that box off, but wait until you hear just how far into the future Sandy’s order book is full.

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    Tim on May 27, 2017

    There are two further installments of this interview coming. And I’ll be adding some links of things we mention in the interview.

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