join the community using smart daily support to achieve and maintain personal goals


In this book you’ll learn about the soul-destroying myth that is sabotaging your efforts to create the life you want and why personal goals and self-help injunctions won’t deliver results on their own.

Replace a self-defeating inner dialogue with a life-affirming journey. Use smart support to get real results. Work with a buddy – someone who cares about being a great support because that’s the kind of support they want in return.

The Power of Audience shows you how to get the real juice out of your dreams, insights and goals – the results. Not overnight, but on a step by step journey, week by week. Because life-changing growth isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

When you create an audience in the form of a buddy, you’ll find the road needn’t be lonely. It is great fun and will lead you to achieve audacious results.


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