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Tim Lloyd Wright

A social network of just two? (it’s best for mastering new habits and goals)

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Networks entwine half the world in subsea fibres. Satellites, solar gliders and now balloons beam connectivity to the rest. So why, when I’m setting about mastering new habits and goals do I use a social network of just two people – me and my buddy?

Well, you know that I believe creating an audience is key. And a buddy pair is the simplest, most basic unit of audience support there is. Yes, the social universe means I’m connected to the majority of my friends and any of potentially billions of souls beyond that if I make the effort. That is an amazingly big audience. But if having a meaningful connection with that audience was simple, Facebook and the rest wouldn’t hire thousands of developers to make it happen.

The buddy pair is simple. And it’s efficient. Over time, support just has to be simple and efficient.  The weeks and months will amplify the impact of those new habits and the daily steps we take twoards a goal. But it can cut the other way if the system isn’t quite right.

Ever sat panting and overheated with sweat dripping onto the screen of some device as you try and sync it with the outer world – all in order to log your daily run? Once could be intriguing. Twice will begin to grate. By the third time, that gadget is heading for the obsolete gadgets drawer. Repetition and inefficiency just don’t go together well.

So, though I’ve worked in groups and though I spent years developing a social network of support, at the heart of my establishing habits and following thru on my goals is that morning call with Jan-Erik. A low-tech, early morning social network of the two of us.

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