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Tim Lloyd Wright

While you’re here, consider doing something amazing for your personal development…

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Imagine a simple, personal development process that would keep your focus on your dream day after day, as you take small steps in the direction of the life you really want.

So here it is. Ask someone to be your “buddy”.  Make small, simple promises to each other and report back by phone each day. Make your promises easy to keep – and keep them.

That simple, powerful process is an amazing journey I’ve been on for 23 years and it is what has made the difference between a life I once only dreamed of, and the one I now get to live. Oh, and Buddy Boot Camp will teach you both the method.

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This five-day email course and downloadable buddy contract is free when you enrol below. It contains all you need to get your buddying off to a flying start.
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The weekend that taught me about buddy support

This weekend course is fantastic, and perfect for kicking off or boosting your buddying.